Friends and Family

7 February, 2011

There’s a lot of valuable analysis happening on Egypt (where the protesters are still standing firm) but it’s always more visceral when you have a personal connection to news headlines. In previous posts we mentioned our friends Jake and Sara, our close friends that accompanied us and our crazy awesome friend Stevie to Nuweiba. Soon after our trip, and right before Kenny and I frolicked in Lebanon, they moved to Pittsburgh. Sara is originally from Alexandria, but spent most of her life in Dubai. Her English is perfect and easily passes as an American with her love of bacon, Kanye and Rock Band.

Sara came to America to start a new life with her husband but the rest of her family lives in various countries throughout the Middle East. Her brother Mudy remains in Alexandria and has been experiencing first hand what we’ve been reading in the news. Whenever I’ve logged onto facebook in the past 2 weeks, I’ve seen numerous updates from Jake and Sara, who have been practically liveblogging the events and keeping everyone informed. They even went to a demonstration publicized as ‘Yinzers for Egypt’ on a rainy day where they marched through the streets cheering “Here we go Egypt, Here we go!” Here is a picture of Sara with one of the signs from the demonstration taken by Jake (a very talented photographer, check out the link!).

Sara showing support by holding a heavy sign!
Sara had recently met a journalist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and connected him with her brother. Today, the article came out quoting both Sara and Mudy describing the chaos and the subsequent search for normalcy in Alex.

Here is the article:

and here is a quote:

As people tire of living on the edge of violence, and more accept the government’s concessions for a slow transition of power, the protesters’ ranks will dwindle, Mahmoud predicted.

“A good government would have done this without people protesting and people dying,” he said.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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