Rumors of our demise have been exaggerated (slightly)

29 December, 2009

So, all six of you who read this thing may have noticed we’ve had a bit of a hiatus from blogging. This isn’t out of malice to you, but rather, we’ve been nightmarishly busy. Here’s our life in bullet points, to be elaborated upon further:

1. We moved out of Agamy and into a nice villa in Stanley, Alexandria. Hurrah for natural lighting and microwaves!

2. We started working at one school, and decided to quit at the end of our first week. The particulars of this are hilarious, and will be updated in full after we’ve extricated ourselves from this institution. Inshallah, no later than Thursday.

3. We also started working at AMIDEAST. It’s great, our roommate is a delightful character, and our other coworkers are an interesting lot. Our students are also great, and it seems like we’ll have a great time there.

4. We’re starting a “Wall of Fame” of all the ways you can unintentionally¬†garble the English language in a humorous fashion. Some of it may be too… graphic to post here, but I really hope that’s not what one of Set’s students wants to do to a baby.

5. As an early Christmas present, we ate avocadoes for the first time in three months! Now, to find a place that sells burritos.

6. Egyptian taxi drivers are running a better scheme than Bernie Madoff ever could dream of.

That’s all for now. Back soon with a lengthy update and the ribald commentary you’ve all come to expect!


3 Responses to “Rumors of our demise have been exaggerated (slightly)”

  1. laura nisbet said

    You guys are just hilarious! I hope you’re planning on writing a book or something when this is all over! What great memories you are creating!

  2. Megosaurus said

    Can I send you a burrito? The avo comment broke my heart.

  3. Lila said


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