Live Blog: Egypt vs. Algeria

14 November, 2009

7:15: We are hanging out with some of our Egyptian friends, waiting for the Egypt vs Algeria World Cup game to begin. This is a drama 20 years in the making: both teams are nearly neck and neck for qualifying for the big World Cup game in South Africa in 2010, and the last time they faced off, Egypt won.

Today, everyone is wearing red. Al Bitaash is deserted. For once, an eerie quiet has descended over the normally chaotic streets of Egypt as everyone retreats to cafes and living rooms in anticipation of the match.

One of Amr’s friends just related a story where one of the few Wgyptian H1N1 casualties made a dying wish for Egypt to go to the World Cup. In short, there’s a lot riding on this game. I’ll be blogging every time something interesting happpens.

7:29. National anthems are being played. Save for a smoky room in a French barracks circa 1958, I don’t think there has ever existed so much anti-Algerian sentiment as there is in this room.

7:35. Goal for Egypt!!!!
7:36. Apparently no goal? That’s bizarre.
7:39. Ok, it was a goal. They were a bit slow on the graphics changing.
7:53. A lot of back and forth. Algeria almost made a goal, but no dice. As a side note, Id love to see the Lancet do a study on how many professional soccer players have recurring head and neck issues from heading the ball so much.

8:02. I really hope we aren’t entering the “teams go back and forth for two hours then decide the game on penalty kicks” phase.

8:18. Slow motion reaction shots of coaches getting outraged truly are the universal language of sporting events.

8:23. Halftime.

8:50. Halftime is over. Egypt almost got a goal, but not quite.

9:21. About six minutes left. Still 1-0 but tensions are high. All the Egyptians i’m with are standing up and yelling, and get even more bellicose when Egypt gets possesion of the ball.

9:30. 6 minutes OT and Egypt scores a goal! There’s so much smoke on the field from fireworks or something, but there’s still a minute of playtime left.

9:32. No more big upsets, but apparently there has to be a rematch on Thirsday. Either way, you’d never know it in this room. It’s like Egypt won the World Cup, Stanley Cup, Triple Cup Flip Cup and the Olympics all at once.


One Response to “Live Blog: Egypt vs. Algeria”

  1. laura nisbet said

    Kenny, this is a classically dispassionate accounting of a very important sporting event! Do not expect Sports Illustrated to come knocking on your door to be their next columnist!! But I must say, i love your wry sense of humor! You can always make me laugh 😀 !!!

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