Got Y’all In Czech

6 October, 2009

Currently sitting in the Alexandria Stadium, watching Hungary play the Czech Republic in a FIFA U-20 match. I’ll be liveblogging (thanks FIFA for letting me leech off your wireless!) and updating this post with tidbits and random musing.

We are almost halfway into the game. Both teams have one point. Most Egyptian kids appear to be rooting for Hungary, and it’s not hard to figure out why: #15 is named Mate Kiss. The fans aren’t much younger than the Darth Vader-esqe riot cops who are standing at the entrances.

Post 2: Hearing the “Ole ole ole” chant tinged with an Arabic accent is kind of funny yet very endearing. That, and they pronounce “Czech” as “Chic.”

Post 3: This is the third time the announcers have played “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough.” Now it’s the Ting Tings?! Set and Britte are probably the
only two people in this stadium who are singing along. Half-time!

#4: Game on! In the first minute, someone fell to the ground after they blew a kick, writhing around like they were in mortal agony. Draaaaaama.

#5: The salesman hawking izayza maya (bottled water) and chips makes me yearn for a cold and overpriced beer.

#6: On the Hungarian side, Zambo just hurt his leg and has now been replaced.

#7: I wonder how many compression fractures the average pro soccer player sustains to the neck over a career due to all the heading.

#8: Britte and Set are chanting “Eastern Europe! Eastern Europe!” Way to stay neutral, guys!

#9: After an exciting first 25 minutes, nothing has happened and it’s now 72 minutes in.

#10: Apparently there’s 7000 people here tonight? Wow.

#11: Hungary just BLEW a penalty kick by sending it 20 feet above the Czech goalie’s head.

#12: Four players have been taken off on stretchers in the past ten minutes. Things are getting heated as we head into OT. Still 1-1.

#13: Overtime, and our ride will be here shortly. Looks like I’ll have to update with the thrilling conclusion later!

#14: Czechs got a goal right as we are leaving. I’m gonna call it for them


One Response to “Got Y’all In Czech”

  1. laura nisbet said

    Did you ever get that ice cold beer??? or is that something you can only dream about for the time being?

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