168 hours into the adventure!

1 October, 2009

Somehow we survived the first week of classes and training. huray! Kenny is a zombie in his room right now, and I’m contemplating taking a disco nap before going out with the others for drinks at some random ex-pat bar called Cote D’or (like the Belgian chocolate! mmmm). This weekend we’re just gonna stay in Agami / Alexandria so we can take a breather and enjoy our immediate surroundings. Next weekend we have a whirlwind tour of Cairo and the weekend after that one of the van drivers offered to drive a bunch of us around to all of the “must-see” things in Alex. I can’t wait to see the library in Alexandria, it’s supposed to be the biggest library in the world (nerd alert)!

Things feel like they’re finally starting to settle. I feel comfortable walking around the neighborhood, I’ve finally picked up a few key phrases to entertain the random people I see in the street and markets, as well as the security guards. I still find it kind of ironic / funny that the lady dorms have a security guard, whereas the gentlemen quarters don’t even have a functioning entry and hallway light (or maybe Kenny just doesn’t know how to turn the light on… haha).  I like to think that the security guards are there to protect the computer lab which is fully stocked with clunky Desktops from 2002 and has a fantastic DVD collection including but not limited to the pirated Arabic copy of ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ’23’ starring Jim Carey.

Outside of my window I can hear:

  1. The call to prayer
  2. Dogs barking
  3. Kids barking at dogs
  4. The Backstreet Boys. “I feel the pain. With or without you.”

I live a good life.

Kenny the photographer!

Kenny the photographer!

UPDATE: Kenny is not a zombie but is in fact a rescuer of kittens in trashcans. ALSO, he says that he doesn’t like to turn on the hallway light because it adds to the mystique of the place…. right. ALSO, it’s not the Backstreet Boys, it’s *Nsync. Sorry.

Oh also, enjoy the picture of kenny being a photogramapher.


2 Responses to “168 hours into the adventure!”

  1. laura nisbet said

    Set, you do indeed live a good life!! Glad to know that you’re all settled in and adjusted.

    By the way, the tahini you guys left after preparing the Middle Eastern Feast is delicious on toast and has replaced almond butter for me for breakfast!

    Miss you both!

    • Setters said

      I’m glad the tahini is in good hands! I hope you guys make it over to the Persian market more! That store is amazing.

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