25 September, 2009

We landed in Cairo about an hour and a half ago. I’m seeing everything through a thin haze of sleep deprivation; I got maybe a half-hour of solid, continuous sleep during the entire 11 hour flight.

Arab businessmen laugh with their friends a few feet from where Im sitting. Set is passed out on a pair of travel pillows. The dress of the women ranges from what one would see on 5th Avenue to veils and gloves so dark you couldn’t see their eyes. The juxtaposition is stark, but everyone seems at ease with it. We keep getting hustled for taxis, and I’m getting used to saying “Laa, shokran.” (That’s “no thanks” for those of you who aren’t pretending to speak Arabic.)

About another hour and 45 minutes til we hit the road for Alexandria. Guess I’ll read the New Yorker (again.)

Edit: the music in the terminal is now a trance remix of the X-files theme song.


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