Wheels Up

24 September, 2009

I’m writing this on the small screen of my iPod. About 20 minutes ago, we were sitting in our seats, waiting in line to take off. Now, we are over the Atlantic, directly south of New Haven. As there’s no WiFi on the plane, Ill most likely post this when we land and I can leech a signal from somewhere.

In the previous days and weeks, Ive been asked a variant of what’s really the same question: Are you nervous? Are you excited? Has it really sunk in thAt you’re going to Egypt? And in all honesty, those answers were elusive. Of course I was excited, and it follows that the Siamese twin of excitement is fear. But, I never had that moment of dawning enormity about what it is that we are doing. There was no moment where it suddenly hit me, and that surprised me more than anything. I figured it would have been sudden and brutal, and started to entertain hypothetical thoughts about the realizations impact. Inpictured myself surfing and suddenly freaking out, or dropping a cup o coffee and a bagel as I opened a paper.

But it never came.

Not when I got my visa back in the mail, or when my arm was sore froM a battery of travel immunizations. Not when I got my Egyptian pounds and traveler’s checks from AMEX. Not even when we took our seats and the overhead TVs dramatically invoked Allah’s blessing for the flight- in Arabic.

Let’s see how I feel in about 12 hours, when we hit Cairo.

Just past Providence, RI. See ya later, USA!


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