15 September, 2009

Hi there and welcome to Pyramid Scheming. Rather than rely on mass e-mails to communicate to our adoring friends and fans (now up to 3!) we’ll be using this to detail our adventures living and working in Egypt.

I’m currently writing this in Newport Beach, California, USA. We arrive in Cairo, Egypt the morning of 25 September, and get to Alexandria later in the day. The visas have been obtained, we’ve got our Egyptian pounds, and we’ve even got prescriptions for Tamiflu (hopefully, we won’t need that.)

We will update this blog as much as we can.  Expect photos and ribald commentary!



5 Responses to “Launching!”

  1. setinator said

    We have 3 fans?? That’s just crazy talk! 9 days until egypt! So excited!

  2. yo-jin said

    i want a postcard:
    264 E. 2nd St. Apt 11
    New York, NY 10009

  3. yo-jin said

    and how do i become a fan?

  4. Cecilia said

    I am loving reading your blog about you and Kenny’s adventures, Set! It’s 8 am in New York and you already made me crave for cotton candy…Lots of love!! Cecy

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